Giunti Plates Issue

Since 2014, Hogrefe publishers has been dealing with the unfortunate issue of substandard Rorschach plates produced by Giunti, Italy and endorsed by Scuola Romana, Italy. The by-laws of the International Society for the Rorschach (ISR) Article 2.2 state that the “The Society recognizes as the only legitimate inkblots constituting the Rorschach Test those produced and published by Verlag Hans Huber, Hogrefe of Bern, Switzerland.” Despite the request by Dr. Paresi of Scuola Romana to Giunti to remove his and his school’s endorsement from their advertising, Giunti has so far failed to do so. In view of this, Dr. Paresi has written to explain the situation and with his permission, his letter is now going to be posted both on the ISR webpage and on the webpages of individual national Rorschach societies. Below you find a link to a letter from Dr. Salvatore Parisi concerning his interaction with GIUNTI-OS of Florence.

Letter to ISR from SRR 2018